Reaching People with the Message of Hope Through the Game of Soccer
Reaching People
with the Message of Hope
Through the Game of Soccer !
Adventure Soccer 
P.O. Box 1582
Snohomish WA 98291
Thank you for the support that has allowed us to continue the work we do in Swaziland to help give opportunity & Hope to children who have been negatively impacted by the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.
Thank you for your prayers!
Our family mobilized to Swaziland on October 7th to continue our work with children negatively impacted by HIV/AIDS.
Not only will we encourage the children we connected with this past summer at our soccer camp outreach events , but we will be forming some new soccer teams to continue the discipleship & spiritual development in kids eager to hear the Good News.  A small team from Adventure Soccer will be joining us to construct a greenhouse at The Sandra Lee Centre Orphanage in mid October.  Finally, we will be visiting The Carepoint Feeding Station at Emkhuzweni as we continue our partnership with Leadership for Africa to serve kids in orphan led homes.
The Mud & Muck Aid for Africa Challenge Run 2014
Video & Editing by David Masse
Please consider buying a Christmas tree, wreath, swag, centerpiece or garland from us!!!!

All the proceeds from this sale in December help us to mobilize to Swaziland to help these kids in need.  Thank you!
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