The Raney Family

The Raney Family

Our Story

                 The Raney Family has been faithfully serving as the directors of Adventure Soccer since its beginning in 2003. With a family of 8                      children, the emphasis has always been to reach youth with the hope and relationship that Jesus can offer them. Whether through                the state foster system, abroad in Swaziland or in local neighborhoods, the Raney's have committed to serving the least of these,                 children. With this mission in mind, Adventure Soccer was born. The organization focuses in the three areas that the Raney's are passionate about. 

The Raney Family has served since 2010 as missionaries to Swaziland, Africa, specifically to children orphaned by the deadly HIV pandemic. With 1 out of every 5 children being orphaned in this small country, the need is huge. The Raney Family mobilizes for 3-6 months per year to minister and take care of these abandoned and vulnerable children. You can check out the Adventure Soccer ministry model that has been established on our Global Mission Page.   

The Raney family also does local outreach camps to children affected by gang-violence, drug use and to children entering the foster system in Washington State. When Adventure Soccer was founded in 2003, it was mainly focused in the city of Snohomish. With the expansion of the organization and the overall need in our communities, the Raney's have since expanded to all across Washington State. The mission of the local outreaches is to connect vulneranle children in Washington State to key community leaders in their area in order to provide positive nurturing and mentorship. You can check out the local outreaches on the local mission page. 

The Raney's are a registered foster family in the state of Washington. Three of their 7 children were adopted out of placements that happened over the past 7 years. As time has passed, there have been many connections made with other foster families in the area, resulting in many Adventure Soccer events aimed towards these specific families. There is so much need in the foster community and the growth of these children specifically is an area that the Raney's are committed to.

You can follow the Raney Family and ministry of Adventure Soccer here on our website or on our social media. We would love to
partner with you as we move to new locations and new ministry opportunities! Thank you and God bless! 

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