Adventure Soccer
Global Mission-Impacting Swaziland With Hope
Our Mission in Swaziland
The population of orphans & vulnerable children due to the Aids crisis in Africa is massive. Many are living alone in their homesteads with no adult figure in their lives. Our efforts include connecting with these kids through sports to initiate relationships and begin the process of addressing their deeper physical, mental and spiritual needs. Our feeding programs, clean water projects, sports ministry efforts & orphan education support work towards meeting these goals.

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Rural Ministry Model
The goal of the rural ministry model is for communities to participate in the effort to care for their own...using their gifts, talents & resources to build a self-sustaining wheel of support for the orphan.
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  1. Sports Ministry
    Sports Ministry
    Programs for boys and girls.
  2. Feeding Centers
    Feeding Centers
    Offering free meals to orphans.
  3. Clean Water Projects
    Clean Water Projects
    Hope begins with a single cup of water.
  4. Garden Projects
    Garden Projects
    Supplying food and training in agriculture.
  5. Seeds of Change
    Seeds of Change
    A revenue generating seedling business.
  6. Preschools for Orphans
    Preschools for Orphans
    Preparing the young for a life of education.
  7. Homestead Visits
    Homestead Visits
    Empowering the young to serve the sick & needy.
  8. Chicken Projects
    Chicken Projects
    A revenue generating chicken fryer business.